Monastery, Moscow patriarchate, eparchy of Kaluga region, Russia

THE Church in honor of the Nativity of Holy Virgin, the Mother of God, in Baryatino

Posted by kinovia on July 14, 2007

Church in honor of the Nativity of Holy Virgin, the Mother of God, in Baryatino

Church 2009

Our church was built in the 18th century on the means of  a landowning lady Anna Poznyakova. The note on the northern wall inside the church says: “A general-mayor’s  widow Anna  Poznyakova whose ash is under this stone,  having got a seventh part  of the husband’s  income, has finished the construction of the church and  sanctified this church in honor of  the Nativity of Holy Virgin, the Mother of God, and after her death has inherited this village to her dear brother, State Councellor Matvey Olsufiev” . There is a note saying the year of sanctification of the church in the book of count de Roshefer – ”The List of Kaluga’s Church Monuments”,  page 32. The book was published in St. Petersburg, 1882.

“…Village of Baryatino, in honor of the Nativity of Holy Virgin, stone, built in 1796 by Mr. Poznyakov”.

The architecture of the church represents the Empire-style. The main altar was dedicated to the Nativity of Holy Virgin; the latest side-altar is in honor of  Saints unmercenaries and wonder-workers Kosmas and Damian who had suffered in Rome.

During the years of  atheism  the parish  gave its ascetics of faith and  piety. In 1930 hieromonk Iliya (Giravko) was arrested and sent to the prison camp; in 1938 archimandrite Evfrosin (Fomin) and one of the 20 church’s members Andrey Anokhin were killed;  churchwarden Elena Kondratyeva was sentenced to 10 years of prison. As a result of the church closing all the property was expropriated. There was a grainery in the church building and during a short period of occupation the fascists kept  the livestock there.

In the 1950s the church was again opened for believers. A citizen of Tovarkovo Andrey Pavlikov kept his oath which he had given at the front: if he came back home alive he would devote his life to God. He returned home in the military rank of a colonel, with a lot of military awards, and that helped him to be listened to in high offices. The colonel-veteran took the gown and for 17 years had been serving as a priest in Baryatino.

After him hieromonk Arkady (Afonin) who came from Holy Trinity St.Sergiev Laura served the longest period of service and had left Baryatino after ordination of a bishop in 1991.

The next two years there changed several Superiors and that’s why the nuns who came Apr 3, 1993 found the church in a state of an extreme decay. The only consolation was the presence of the miracle-making icon “Lomovskaya”.

Much time had passed before it became possible to start the works for returning  the church it’s past splendor remembered by elder churchwomen, describing the rich decoration, painting, and figured fence of red bricks, surrounding the church before it’s closing in 1937.

During the hardest period of the Russian economy the sisters went through the same sorrows as all other poor people of the country. The monastery didn’t have rich benefactors, and only in 1999 it was possible to raise necessary funds for the outside repair. The quality of the work performed by team workers was far from being desired but it was useless to demand something better for a low price.

Since 2001 under the kind permission of the Kaluga’s region governor Anatoly Artamonov the monastery received assistance from Kaluga’s plant “Remputmash”. The General director of the plant Vyacheslav Dubrovin perceived the needs of the poor little monastery as his own and demanded to fulfill the capital repairs of the inside premises of the church, to put a fence around the monastery and to finish the construction of the cells’ building. With the participation of the plant’s workers the top of the dome and the belfry’s spire were replaced. But with the change of the plant’s leadership the monastery was left without this help.

Under the blessing of bishop Climent Kaluga’s artists Tamara and Vsevolod Sitnikov were performing painting of the dome, walls and the aisle. They finished their works in April, 2007.

Only in autumn of 2008 it became possible to resume the renovation of the church. The outer walls were repaired, the roof replaced. At present the improvement of the territory surrounding the church is being performed

The main sanctity of the monastery and the church is the miracle-making icon of Holy Virgin, the Mother of God “Lomovskaya”. There are also the elements of the relics of  Sts. Kosmas and Damian (Romans), of Optina’s and Kivo-Pecherskaya Lauras’ St. Elders, of St. martyr Georgy Meschovsky, of St. Tikhon Zadonsky, of blessed Seraphim Sarovsky, the element of the verge of Pafnuty Borovsky. In 2009 the monastery  received as a gift the particle of the Holy Cross brought from Jerusalem. At present a new carved Cross is sanctified with this sacred thing.

The church is opened during the hours of the worships and under visitors request. There is a parking near the church.


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