Monastery, Moscow patriarchate, eparchy of Kaluga region, Russia

About Сats

Posted by kinovia on October 30, 2007

Treating cats

Treating cats

I began to love cats since I am here, in the monastery. I would like that all cats, as well as dogs are well fed, healthy and loved by everybody. It gives me much pain to see hungry, freezing cats, with marks of injuries, waiting for mercy from us.

There is a bad habit to get rid of cats or dogs leaving them to die in the street or throwing them somewhere, for instance, bring them to the doors of our monastery. Such people think that nuns must be kind and wouldn’t let these poor creatures die. Sometimes, coming out from our cell building in the morning we would see on the doorsteps “a gift” – a box with kittens. Or we see a wastrel but highbred cat wandering around the house…

It so happened that over 60 cats have found their refuge in our monastery. Their past is common: foundlings, victims of people’s irresponsibility and cruelty. So, we had to set up facilities for them: organize cats’ kitchen, use the old boiler room for the cat fancier, get familiar with local veterinarians. We even invented a new post – cats manageress, or “koshkalary”, and that is me.

Every morning during a short period between the morning sermon and meal I rush to clean bowls and chase meal. The main meal in our cats’ diet is porridge (“kasha”) based on chickens’ heads broth which we receive from the owner of a local poultry plant. In the daytime I used to cook new meal, ispect and cure ill cats, clean cat fancier.

Cats have their own community, or family. It’s practically impossible for strangers to fit in this family and such cats have no place to live. We are trying to sterilize foundlings timely (vets in Kaluga clinic operate our cats free of charge and we pay only for the medications). After the operation we take care of them in our cells for ten days. The treatment of one cat costs more than 1000 rubles (i.e. about $ 35). If possible, we treat them against parasites. But it’s impossible to find “adopters” even for healthy, highbred and beautiful cats.

As it is known, cats are fastidious and self-willed animals. Some of them wouldn’t live in the family and we have to take it into account. The happiest cats live in the nuns’ cells; over 35 cats live in the cats fancier and about 10 cats in the cow-house. Here they are: Iris, Bast, Bagira, Norka, Amika, Shanya, Cherubina, Zurzya, Dikins, Bairon, Don, Jas, Niks, Jinni. (фотографии?)

At present you cannot imagine Baryatino without cats. They are under every bush, round the corner, almost in every cell. At least  here we want to protect our cats from the cruel world and live in harmony with the Gods’ creatures. But it’s still a long way to reach full harmony especially under the present crisis, which puts a lot of difficulties to support this flock. We would greatly appreciate for any financial or other material support for the monastery and would be praying for those generous and merciful people.

Probably my concerns would seem ridiculous to somebody if think of those who abandon children, old people, invalids. But let remember the holy words: “Blessed are those who are merciful to cattle”. If a man will show mercy for a helpless creature, he is sure to be merciful for a child or an old man.

Nun Anastasia


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