Monastery, Moscow patriarchate, eparchy of Kaluga region, Russia


For those who want to become a benefactor

The statute doesn’t allow the nuns to come out to the outer world for funds raising. However as long as the monastery exists we have had numerous occasions to witness that the monkery is dear to God, and Russia is still rich in generous  people. Our big and small building works, the reconstruction and the church’s wall paintings, the monastery’s property – all this  is the proof of God’s  grace, as it has been made, decorated and bought thanks to donations. Sometimes we didn’t have money to pay even for the electricity, we were under the threat to be cut off, but the last moment someone used to bring the required sum.

Today the main task for us is to finish the construction of the building where a home church, the abbess’s accomodations, a library, the nuns’ cells will be situated. In autumn of 2007 this construction was started by one of the Moscow companies, but as a result of the economic crisis the works had been suspended and since 19th of  October, 2008 the building has been without the roof. At present the terms and conditions of the construction works directly depend on the amount of money transferred to the monastery’s bank account as well as on the expediency of this transfer.

Here are the banking details for those who want to make contributions to help the monastery

Получатель: Богородично-Рождественская девичья пустынь
ИНН: 4004008713
КПП: 400401001
Р/с: 40703810622200100092 в Дзержинском отделении № 5607 г. Кондрова
Банк получателя: Калужское ОСБ № 8608 г. Калуга
К/с: 30101810100000000612
БИК: 042908612
ОКПО: 44375623
ОКОНХ: 98700

Bank account (Russia):
Correspondent account: 30101810100000000612   BIC: 042908612
SBERBANK, Raluga region, Branch 8608 (SWIFT code – SABRUM3)
SBERBANK, Dzerzhinskyi Department N 5607 in Kondrova
Beneficiary account: 40703810622200100092
Beneficiary name: Bogorodichno-Rozhdestvenskaya devichiya pustyn
TIN: 4004008713 / RC: 400 401 001

Please mention your name and the names of your relatives, given at the baptizing, and we will pray for your health and well-being.

The Russian flag is flapping on the building’s burnt-out roof and we are  frequently asked why we have posted it, minding that the Church is separated from the state. Our answer is simple: we are the citizens of Russia, we like our  motherland, our people, and pray for them. We hope that our little monastery will become a part of that Russia, which we lost during the past century and which we now have been recovering.

In the St. Fathers’ Book of St. Ignaty Bryanchaninov we find the following statement of St. Vissarion: those who give the alms to nuns will have a prize from God, a prize 100 times higher than those who give charity to blinds or lepers, because nuns for God’s love refused the outer  world pride, hated the fame and the riot of the wordly settlements, preferred  love to Christ’s laws to the enjoyment of the earthly pleasures, loved vainless life, left unrighteous wealth, all the world bustle and slaved themselves to the others for God’s love.

Bogorodichno-Rozhdestvenskaya devichya pustyn
village Baryatino, Kaluga region, Dzerzhinskyi district, Russia, 249833
Adress to Abbess(igoumenia) Feofila

E-mail: (рус) (eng)

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